Channel Sign Letters Extras and Edge Glow Face

Edge Glow sign letters channel face

"EDGE GLOW" Channel Face:

The first trimless injection molded channel sign letter face is available in all Helvetica and Times Bold typefaces sizes, precision machined to fit Gemini Channel Cans. Secure to can using machine screws (recommend pre-drilling holes).

No more trim-cap and delamination problems with Gemini's revolutionary new trimless face.

Available in red only; these faces effortlessly slide onto Gemini channel sign letter cans and provide a unique look at an incredibly low price. These cans and faces have a lifetime guarantee and are so inexpensive - you cannot afford to waste time bending metal cans and attaching trimcap to acrylic faces.

Check back for information on when additional sizes and styles of this face become available.



...are made from Artek®, an engineering grade performance polymer, created by Gemini to be flame retardant and recyclable, with good resistance to salts, acids and oils.

...have passed impact strength and distortion tests from -31 F to 187 F.

...can be ordered in any standard Gemini Baked Enamel Color or pre primed for easy painting.

...are easily drilled for installation and weep holes.

...are ideal for shop owners lacking full automation or having limited manufacturing space. not require an extensive inventory.

...minimize labor expenses.

...allow more time for other sign projects.

...are available with free neon-tube layout disks (IBM DXF files) or paper patterns.

...eliminate arcing in neon installations and are non-conductive.

...allow neon tubing to be placed 1/8" from side returns without tripping electrical transformers.

...can be ordered complete with auto-trimmed face in a variety of colors.

...are Guaranteed For Life.


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